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I am pleased to confirm that Imperium Quintus, the fourth novel set in the Imperium universe, is now available from Amazon, in both e-book and paperback. It can be read as a stand-alone novel; however, an understanding of the Imperium universe would get a new reader up to speed quicker.


Quintus follows the life of a young slave in Late Republican Rome, immediately after the death of Julius Ceasar. He is tasked with teaching Latin to a mysterious new slave, fished from the sea and destined for the gladiatorial games.

Interwoven into this main theme comes Sir John Soames, fresh from First Contact with the Empire (Imperium Coda) and now responsible for identifying other visitations in the past. A new character, Richard Brett, is investigating the strange happenings at Porton Down and makes a startling discovery that puts US national security at risk.

Cicero, the famous Roman orator, Senator, and writer, also makes an appearance.


Grittier and more like a thriller, I've tried to push myself into unfamiliar territory and channel my inner Lee Childs. Some of the passages are most definitely not suitable for children. Historically accurate, the storyline spans a period from the first Roman invasion of Britain in 55BCE, through to the modern-day. 


It has been an enjoyable romp through history, giving Irene and I several excuses to visit Rome and Italy to research. Pompeii was most definitely one of the highlights, as was Rome itself. The Colosseum wasn't built during the time of Quintus, but that didn't stop me from visiting it. 


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